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Welcome to our hospital! We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and a warm, safe and welcoming environment that is designed to provide your pet with the very best available veterinary care.

We are pleased to show you the following rooms and tell you a little bit about what we do here.

Reception 2.jpg


This large room is where our friendly nurses greet you on arrival. If you have brought your dog to the clinic, he/she will be weighed on the scales (cats are weighed in the consulting rooms on our small scales). The nurse will check your details, record your pet’s weight and ask you if you would like to take a seat in the waiting room until the veterinarian calls you in to be seen. If you would like to purchase any pet care products, please speak to one of our nurses on reception. They are very knowledgeable on all the products we sell, and can arrange special orders for less commonly requested items. We preferentially stock only the highest quality intestinal worming, heart worming, flea and tick products. With there being so many options we understand it can be difficult for you to know which one to use at times, but our nurses can assist you in choosing the best one for your circumstances. We also stock a full range of premium pet foods in our waiting area including Royal Canin & Hills, as well as many products to help keep your pets’ teeth and gums healthy, a colourful array of collars and leads, and many non-prescription medications and shampoos.



When you are ready to be seen you will be asked if you would like to come into one of our three consultation rooms. The veterinarian will perform a full examination with every consultation and yearly health examination. Smaller animals will be examined on the examination table and larger dogs may be examined standing on the floor. If you are unable to hold your animal for the examination due to health reasons please advise the staff and we will arrange an assistant to be present during the examination. Our qualified nurses also offer Free Nurse consultations including dental checks, senior health checks, weight loss programs, surgical admissions and discharges. All three rooms are large and fully equipped including computers for easy access to your pets health records.

MVC Treatment Area.jpg


Often a hive of activity, this large space located in our hospital wing is used to perform non-sterile procedures, and to examine and treat our patients. We have a wet procedures table here, which has a large tub sink underneath the grill table top. It can be used for regular examinations and treatments with a towel to pad the top, as well as for when there is a bit of water being used. Made completely out of stainless steel, it is easily cleaned and disinfected between uses. 

We have our intensive care and surgical recovery cages in this area also. This enables us to closely monitor all our patients. Our patients are kept here until they are fully awake after their anaesthetic procedures. Critical care patients are also hospitalised here so we can keep a close eye on them at all times. 

These cages all have in floor heating to keep the patients warm, as well as oxygen availability.

MVC Surgical Theatre.jpg


This is the room in which we perform all our sterile surgical procedures. This room is kept perfectly clean at all times, with minimal access by staff. Animals are prepared for surgery in our treatment room, with the hair clipped and the surgery site prepared with antiseptic solutions. They are then moved into the surgery. This helps reduce the amount of loose hair and the number of bacteria in the air and on the surfaces. Nurses and vets only enter the room when wearing hair nets to prevent their own hair contaminating the room.

While under anaesthesia your pet is cared for by one of our qualified and experienced veterinary nurses using our state-of-the-art anaesthetic machines, and monitoring systems, which tracks blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and oxygen level. The cupboards and shelves with glass sliding doors contain all the surgical instruments and materials that are needed for surgery. They are accessible from both sides. This means the nurses can clean and sterilise the equipment and easily place them in the cupboards, without having to enter the surgical suite. Our cleaning facilities and autoclave sterilising machines are on the opposite side to the surgery, to make it even easier.

MVC Radiology Room.jpg


We have full digital radiography facilities in the clinic. This room contains an anaesthetic machine as many animals need sedation or anaesthesia to keep them still enough for radiographs to be taken and maintain optimum safety for our staff. We also have a ultrasound unit which is another good treatment for more advanced diagnostics.

MVC Laboratory.jpg


Our vets are trained in many areas including pathology, microbiology, haematology and parasitology. With our laboratory in the clinic we are able to run many diagnostic tests to help us determine the nature of your pet’s illness. This means we have rapid results, so we can start your pet on the correct treatment straight away to start them on their way to recovery. We also use our blood analysis machines to run tests or your pet’s blood prior to having an anaesthetic. This helps to ensure there are no hidden diseases which may affect the safety of having an anaesthetic, e.g. liver or kidney disease, diabetes, anaemia.



This is the area where we store most of our drugs which we need to dispense to our patients. Rarely we might want to use a drug which we do not stock in the clinic, or one which has only recently become available in Australia. We are generally able to order in all special drugs within one or two days from our veterinary suppliers.

Dog ward.jpg


Our dog ward is able to house eleven dogs, including one large walk in cage for very large dogs. The cages are specially designed stainless steel with a slight slope to the floor for drainage. This allows easy and thorough disinfection and cleaning. Oxygen facilities are available for all the cages.The room also contains a sink for cleaning food and water bowls.

MVC Cat Ward.jpg


Our cat ward is able to house nine cats, with solid walls between them. This prevents any cat from being able to see another cat, something which many cats appreciate. The cages vary in size and are made with specially designed stainless steel which have a slight slope to the floor for drainage. Oxygen lines are also available to these cages.The room also includes a sink to clean litter trays. A Feliway diffuser is also used to make all patients feel relaxed and comfortable while at the clinic.

surgical prep.jpg


This is where our nurses prepare the surgical kits and equipment we require for surgery. Instruments are cleaned and disinfected first, and then packaged into sterilisation packs. Our autoclave uses steam under high pressure. This pressure enables the steam to reach a higher temperature, more effectively killing microbes. Once the instrument packs are sterilised, they are placed into the cupboards adjacent. These cupboards can then be accessed directly from the opposite side in the sterile surgical theatre.

Dog Ward
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