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Welcome to the Bulimba Vet Surgery Tour! We are all very proud of the facilities we have at BVS. Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the inner parts of our vet!

We are pleased to show you the following rooms and tell you a little bit about what we do here.



The first room you see when arriving at Bulimba Veterinary Surgery is our large and bright reception area. Most of our non-prescription medications and shampoos as well as Royal Canin and Hills pet foods are to be found in this area. There are also walk on scales and a microchip reader available for our clients to use at any time. A large stand filled with information about pet care, medication and feeding is also readily accessible. Pet accessories, enrichment toys and treats are available here.



We have three consulting rooms – the one pictured is our main room and the majority of our veterinary consultations are carried out here. The second room is a little smaller and is generally used for nurse consultations, admissions, and discharge appointments.  Both rooms are fully equipped and have ready access to the adjoining pharmacy and laboratory areas.



The hub of our clinic is the large treatment room in the centre of the building. Radiography, sterile surgery, office and kennels all radiate from this central area. We conduct our non-sterile procedures in this room (for instance, bandage changes, dental work and abscess repairs). Our mobile anaesthetic and dental machines are used here. Our autoclave, which is used for sterilisation of surgical equipment, is also in the treatment room.

surgical theatre better.JPG


The sterile surgical area is adjacent to the main treatment room. Operations such as desexing procedures, lump removals, wound repairs, and orthopaedic procedures are carried out here. With a large glass window separating this room from the main treatment area, surgery can be observed from outside without impacting on the sterile area. This allows for greater communication between vets and nurses both in and outside of the theatre.



Bulimba Vet Surgery has a fully equipped radiography suite. Our x-ray machine, viewing unit and stored radiographs are housed in this room. It is lead-lined to prevent radiation leakage into the general clinic area. The room has a dedicated oxygen supply to allow safe x-rays of anaesthetised animals. There is also a dark room attached to the radiography suite for developing x-rays.



Our laboratory is a busy place with most of the space taken up with our in-house blood analysis machine. This machine is in use every day, particularly in the mornings when we run our preanaesthetic blood profiles. We also conduct urine and faecal analysis in this area and have a multi-purpose microscope for examination of tissue cells, ear and blood smears.



Just behind the reception desk and between the two consult rooms lies our pharmacy. This is where our prescription medications are located.

dog ward.JPG


Our kennel/cattery area is divided into two sections. The first section houses the ICU cages, and is adjacent to the treatment room. Animals that need close monitoring – for example those recovering from anaesthetic or particularly unwell animals – are housed here. Our second kennel room can be separated from the treatment room by closing the interconnecting door. Boarding, nervous and recovered animals are usually housed here. We have kennels with in-built heating and both rooms have access to piped oxygen for those pets that may need extra oxygen support, e.g. tick paralysis cases.

Bulimba Salon 154 Exterior.jpeg


In the lower ground level of our practice, we have an affiliated pet grooming service. We offer a full grooming service from simple baths and brush-outs, through to fully styled breed clips. We can also groom cats, and if necessary, the cats can be sedated by one of our veterinarians to make their grooming experience less stressful. Your pooches and pussy-cats will be pampered by our team of professional Pet Stylists. You can find more about our team of groomers here.

Bookings for Salon 154 can be made directly on 3899 5972 or fill out our convenient online booking form and we will be in touch to confirm a time.

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This is where our nurses prepare the surgical kits and equipment we require for surgery. Instruments are cleaned and disinfected first, and then packaged into sterilisation packs. Our sterilisation units use steam under high pressure. The pressure enables the steam to reach a higher temperature, more effectively killing microbes. Once the instrument packs are sterilised, they are placed in the cupboards adjacent. These cupboards can be accessed directly from the opposite side in the surgical theatre.

Dog and Cat Wards
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