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Is kitty in need of some caring attention while you are away on holiday? Our cat accommodation is perfect for medium and long stays, small families and large. The cat accommodation is designed in several parts, offering a variety of accommodation options to suit your feline friend’s needs. Accommodation available includes 15 cat condos, plus six luxury suites. The luxury suites are each themed with a holiday destination, ensuring that your cat has a holiday of their very own.

Condos & Suites

Our condos are designed to offer the best comfort and accommodation to your feline friend, which include:

  • A separate en-suite litter tray room away from the accommodation area, which will make feel your cat more comfortable during its stay;

  • Double level for the cat to stretch its legs;

  • Port holes with doors so that two condos can be connected to each other, which means more space for your cat to feel more comfortable;

  • Integrated ventilation system, which supplies a constant stream of fresh air. This ensures there is no recirculating of stale air, which promotes optimal healthy conditions;

  • All bedding, fixtures and the environment are designed to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Condos are bacteria free and easy to clean;

  • Feliway diffuser, having this constantly running via an in-room diffuser means that all our guests stay super happy and feel secure.


If you want your kitty to feel more comfortable and give it a special treatment, our suites are the right opportunity for you!

They are designed to make sure the cats don’t see each other and feel in their own personal space. There are a variety of comfy cushions and bedding to make sure each guest finds their perfect space.

Suites also include plenty of verticality, hiding spaces and ramps for better exploration and to feel more comfortable.

You can view each of our 6 suites below:

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